Burn the Ships

In boxing, once that opening bell rings, there’s no turning back. You can change strategy.  You can choose to dig in and create a new outcome, but the only way out is to finish the fight.  You can go out on your back, out on your feet or by doing the unthinkable (quitting), but there has to be a conclusion.  You can’t take a break from the action or call a time-out to reassess.  The fight must go on.

A New Year, a New You

The New Year typically symbolizes a time to create a fresh set of resolutions, a list of goals you want to accomplish the coming year or even some bad habits you may want to leave behind.  Unfortunately, in many cases, these resolutions slowly fade as the NEW of the New Year wears off and the routine of life settles back in. So how do you keep the fire alive? How do you stay on track to keep your fitness goals intact or your boxing career aspirations in sight?

I fight like a girl… Laura’s story

I fight like a girl. I have a tattoo on the back of my neck, a pair of pink boxing gloves held together by the breast cancer ribbon and on the ribbon this phrase is written: I Fight Like a Girl. I adopted this phrase when my son gave me a bracelet that he and his father picked out for me from the hospital gift shop. The bracelet has pink boxing gloves all around it and that phrase written on it with the breast cancer awareness symbol. Two things that are near and dear to my heart, boxing and Breast Cancer Awareness. Pink is not favorite color, olive green is but you would never know that now because just about everything I own now is pink or has pink in it. To me pink is not just a color anymore.

Use Your Head

No matter who you ask in boxing, they will likely tell you that the sport is as much about mental toughness as it is physical ability.  Teddy Atlas has always said that, “Boxing is 75 percent mental and 25 percent physical.”  Former Jr. Welterweight champion, Devon Alexander says similarly “I think boxing is definitely 80 percent mental and the rest physical.”  Many boxing experts, coaches and trainers believe that it’s more of a 90/10 split, but no matter how far you tip the scales the point is…what’s in your head matters – a lot!

Mean What you Say

It has been stated a hundred different ways;  what you confess you possess, your thoughts become actions, what you think about you bring about, but no matter what clever spin you put on it, the simple truth is your mind and mouth have a tremendous impact on what action you take.  You are most likely to do exactly what you think about most and what you say you’re going to.  It’s part science, part psychology and all up to you.