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Easy Life – Hard Lessons

Blog-main-022414You hear old-time boxing trainers and aficionados say it all the time; “Fighters aren’t as tough as they used to be.” Is that nostalgia talking or a cold, hard slap in the face of reality?

It’s purely subjective, but it may be most accurate to say that the fighters of today are more technically skilled and athletically advanced, but for the most part (and there are always exceptions) frankly, they just AREN’T as tough. There are many reasons and rationale that backs this up, but it really comes down to the role that society and day-to-day activities play in natural athleticism. The idea that fighters aren’t as tough as they used to be isn’t so much a judgment or indictment on today’s athletes or an assault on their manhood, it’s more about how you, as a fighter, can improve and change what you’re doing to become tougher, like fighters of the past.

Face Your Fear

Blog-main-021014The topic of courage and heart is talked about so much in athletics because it’s a big part of competition. The other emotion that is the subject of a lot of conversation, even as many as three or four times in these blog posts alone is fear.

Fear is addressed so regularly, not because it is something that should be focused on, but in order to control it, harness it and master the role it plays in the sport of boxing, it has to be fully understood.
There are numerous quotes on the topic of fear.  Some of the most notable and quotable ones are attributed to the legendary trainer, Cus D’Amato, who said “The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs.  It’s the same thing, fear, but it’s what you do with it that matters.”

Man in the Mirror

Blog-main-011714Shadowboxing has been a part of the sport of boxing almost from its inception.  The idea and exercise of throwing punches at the air and towards an imaginary target is meant to warm a fighter up.  It can help get his body in combat mode or cool him down when the workout is through.  When done properly, shadowboxing also gives a fighter a solitary moment to perform a mental check list as he prepares for the main event of his boxing routine.  Rewind and Repeat…WHEN DONE PROPERLY shadowboxing also gives a fighter a solitary moment to perform a mental check list as he prepares for the main event of his boxing routine.  

For A Clearer New Year

Blog-main-011314For many people, starting a new year means creating a new you or at least improving the old one. January first becomes about a reinvention and creating new, healthier habits. What it’s really about though is getting back to the foundation and fundamentals of living right.  However, some people get so far off track that they’re not even sure what those fundamentals were.   For starters, you can break them down into three basic questions to ask yourself…WHY…HOW…WHAT?

Roll with the Punches

Blog-main-123013Life in the boxing ring is oftentimes full of twists and turns.  Although it’s a little different, your own boxing technique is also full of twists and turns, at least when you’re executing the basics correctly.

Part of what makes some fighters seemingly move so effortlessly is that they understand that movements like; turning on their punches and twisting at the waist, makes their movements more fluid, provides greater coordination of the joints and muscles and allows them to hit harder. These twists and turns apply to both defense and offense and start from the ground up.