Friday, April 25, 2014


Let’s be real. Not everyone is capable of being a fighter.  It may be in everyone’s DNA, but without that everyday exposure to their survival instincts they lose touch and that natural mind/body connection gets lost.  What it takes, physically and mentally to fight, becomes foreign and feels awkward. They may try, practice and want […]

Built for Combat and Forged to Fight

by Doug Ward on March 30, 2014

There have been several features dedicated to the psychology behind fighting, the fact that humans are actually hardwired to fight and survive.  The fact is, it’s not only psychologically inherent by nature, fighting is also physically inherent by nature. Recent studies published by the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, has shown that contact sports […]

Everyone who consistently walks into the gym wants to be better.  The continual learning process that happens there is part of the appeal of boxing.  It’s a constant challenge to better yourself and improve.  However, that only really happens when a strong foundation is laid and you’re able to do the right things right.  Right?  […]

Easy Life – Hard Lessons

by Doug Ward on February 23, 2014

You hear old-time boxing trainers and aficionados say it all the time; “Fighters aren’t as tough as they used to be.” Is that nostalgia talking or a cold, hard slap in the face of reality? It’s purely subjective, but it may be most accurate to say that the fighters of today are more technically skilled […]

Face Your Fear

by Doug Ward on February 9, 2014

The topic of courage and heart is talked about so much in athletics because it’s a big part of competition. The other emotion that is the subject of a lot of conversation, even as many as three or four times in these blog posts alone is fear. Fear is addressed so regularly, not because it […]

Man in the Mirror

by Doug Ward on January 27, 2014

Shadowboxing has been a part of the sport of boxing almost from its inception.  The idea and exercise of throwing punches at the air and towards an imaginary target is meant to warm a fighter up.  It can help get his body in combat mode or cool him down when the workout is through.  When […]

For A Clearer New Year

by Doug Ward on January 12, 2014

For many people, starting a new year means creating a new you or at least improving the old one. January first becomes about a reinvention and creating new, healthier habits. What it’s really about though is getting back to the foundation and fundamentals of living right.  However, some people get so far off track that […]

Roll with the Punches

by Doug Ward on December 30, 2013

Life in the boxing ring is oftentimes full of twists and turns.  Although it’s a little different, your own boxing technique is also full of twists and turns, at least when you’re executing the basics correctly. Part of what makes some fighters seemingly move so effortlessly is that they understand that movements like; turning on […]

A One Track Mind

by Doug Ward on December 20, 2013

Even though it has become a common and admirable character trait in society today, our minds are not meant to multi-task. Sure, we can.  Yes, we are all capable.  It’s pretty much expected, but it’s simply not how our brains were hard-wired.  It’s not really how we were built to operate. The human mind was […]

Everyone’s a Critic

by Doug Ward on October 28, 2013

Practically everyone has done it or been guilty of it at some point in their lives.  Sitting back and criticizing other people’s actions or minimizing their successes has become a part of human nature.  What used to take the form of idle gossip or barber shop banter has expanded to epic proportions. With the advent […]