Positioning Yourself to Punch

Blog-main-52614Although being tough in boxing is an important trait, it is only one aspect that is necessary to succeed in the squared circle. No matter what exercise you are doing in the gym, positioning plays a crucial role. That means not only your position in the ring, in relation to your opponent, but also during training.   In order to be effective from different heights and angles, you have to train with variety.

Improving your Boxing Cardio

Blog_main_42814The image of a boxer bouncing through the shadows and fog at the break of dawn is synonymous with the sport.  Traditional roadwork is standard for any fighter who has any intention of being able to go the distance.  While typical roadwork is a fundamental part of training, there are a few other options that a fighter can employ to give him the ability to last round after round.

The Top Ten Signs that Say “I am a Real Fighter.”

Blog-main-041414Let’s be real. Not everyone is capable of being a fighter.  It may be in everyone’s DNA, but without that everyday exposure to their survival instincts they lose touch and that natural mind/body connection gets lost.  What it takes, physically and mentally to fight, becomes foreign and feels awkward. They may try, practice and want to fight, but just don’t have what it takes.  Everyone was born with an inherent ability to fight for survival, but not everyone was born to be a competitive boxer.

Sure, most anyone can learn to “box” to varying degrees of success and aspire to call themselves boxers, but in the ring and in the gym you have to prove yourself worthy of being able to call yourself a real fighter.

Built for Combat and Forged to Fight


There have been several features dedicated to the psychology behind fighting, the fact that humans are actually hardwired to fight and survive.  The fact is, it’s not only psychologically inherent by nature, fighting is also physically inherent by nature.

Recent studies published by the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, has shown that contact sports can actually cause your body to convert cells into lean tissue.  The demands of high-impact sports, like boxing causes the brain to send signals to the body that it needs to be protected by muscle instead of by fat.  As a result, this conversion occurs at a cellular level.