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Balance Isn’t Just About Coordination (Part Two)

Blog-main-092313There is always something to be learned, or at least considered, when looking at other sports and particularly successful athletes who have excelled in their field.  Various techniques and training approaches sometimes have some cross-over benefits and, even if you’re not looking to sprint like Usain Bolt or rock a pair of huge pythons like Arnold Schwartzenegger, what makes a certain athlete successful sometimes translates across competitive platforms.

Balance Isn’t Just About Coordination (Part One)

Blog-main-091613Exceptional athletes learn to look at other sports, see what works and adapt that to their own training approaches.  One instance of this could be in relation to the sport of bodybuilding.  Bodybuilders employ a style of weight training called supersets.  During super-setting, lifters work opposing muscle groups.  For instance, they will do one set of bench presses, for the chest muscles, followed immediately by a set of rows, which are for the back muscles.  Bodybuilders understand that opposing muscle groups work in direct correlation to each other.  They correctly and naturally balance each other out so that when they are worked simultaneously they strengthen and support each other.  They also experience a similar work load.  This beneficial and time-tested methodology can be applied to your boxing training.

This One’s for the Girls

Although the phrase fight like a girl has been used in a derogative way in the past, there may be some actual value to doing just that.

Just as they are the ferocious protectors of their young in the animal kingdom, Women may in some cases be as emotionally and physically wired for fighting as men are.  Like men, women too have been naturally-gifted with the fight or flight response mechanism.  When confronted or put in a potentially dangerous situation, this complex hormonal response, triggered in their bodies, secretes over thirty different stress hormones, like adrenalin and cortisol; all having a collective, widespread effect on the body. This adrenaline rush can increase your awareness, physical strength, mental acuity and speed/response time, all in order to quickly and adequately handle the perceived threat.  This chemical reaction in the human body is not gender-specific.  In fact, women – who tend to be more emotionally connected by nature – may even be quicker to sense, react and respond to her body’s natural inclination to protect itself at all costs.

From the Core of Your Being

Throughout the ages, astronomers have shared the belief that the Earth is the center of the universe, because all other objects orbit around it.  The stars, sun, and planets all make their daily revolutions around the Earth, which obviously makes it the center of the solar system.

Similarly, the core could be considered the center of the human body.  By most definitions, the core refers to the torso, (minus the legs and arms) including the belly, the hips, shoulders, neck, mid and lower back.

Be Grounded in your Game

The center of your boxing universe isn’t the center at all, but actually begins on the ball of your back foot.  You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase before that power starts from the ground up.  That’s true, except power really emanates from the point of contact with the ground and that point of contact originates in the big toe and/or at the ball of your back foot.

The big toe carries the most weight of all the toes, bearing about 40% of the load of your body weight. By not driving off the ball of your back foot, you are, in essence, utilizing 40 percent less power/leverage than if you were to point and dig with that toe when delivering punches.