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Every Breath You Take

Often you see fighters get fatigued as a fight wears on and they begin trying to take in more air by opening their mouths.  Although this feels like the right solution, they are actually doing themselves more harm than good and exposing themselves to greater potential for injury in the process.  It may feel like an easy way to get more air, but there are greater benefits to be gained by simply shutting your mouth and taking a deep breath…through your nose.

Breathe New Life Into Your Endurance Levels

When most fighters struggle with cardiovascular conditioning and increasing their endurance, they figure the key must be in their roadwork and amount of time they spend getting their heart rate up.  Sometimes that’s the case, but the secret may also lie in another aspect of your training. There are things some fighters do, habits some fighters have that rob them of the oxygen they need.  Like poor conditioning, these habits leave them huffing and puffing for air.  If you’re putting in the right amount of time in the gym, hitting the road often enough and training with the intensity you should, then it may all come down to better breathing.