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How Sweet it Is!

For anyone trying to lose weight, whether as a professional fighter or your average, weight conscious guy, one of the hardest critters to kick is the Sugar Bug. Yes, the sweet stuff. It’s delicious, enticing and makes you feel good (even if just temporarily). Unfortunately, its incredibly detrimental to your health as well as your waistline and, worse still, it is found in just about every product you see on your grocers shelves. As a fighter it can be frustrating because you need carbohydrates and sugars for your body to use as fuel for energy. So for most people, when they cut back on the sugars and carbs, its usually accompanied by a huge slump in energy. The good news is that there are healthy sources of carbs, sugars, and sugar alternatives available that, not only provide you with energy, but that also satisfy your sweet tooth and do not leave you feeling deprived.

A Hunger Within – Part 2

In a previous article we discussed the basic mechanics our body uses to properly utilize the food we eat and the nutrients that food provides. Knowing how this system works and how to use it to your advantage will help you design your own pre-fight meal.  The goal would be to develop a pre-fight routine that is completely individualized to your specific needs and will help you achieve your optimum performance.  The specific components that make up a good pre-fight meal are varied, but fairly basic and easy to understand.

A Hunger Within – Part 1

It’s the day of the fight. You’ve already weighed-in, eaten a large meal the previous day and now you’re rested up.  Its hours before the fight, you’re a little hungry and beginning to wonder what you should eat. You may be thinking, “Should I eat meat? Should I load up on carbs? Should I just eat some fruit? Or should I skip eating all together and fight on an empty stomach?” Questions Like these are on many fighters’ minds when that Big Fight Day comes. Obviously, you want whatever you eat to help your performance, as opposed to weighing you down, but many fighters don’t know how to best achieve that. It’s hard to present one specific plan that works the same for every fighter, because every athlete, every BODY is different. Each person may have an approach, a system that works for them personally and is usually discovered through trial and error.  However, there are some basic principles that can be applied by everyone to help make that fight day a little less stressful.

Are Carbs in Your Corner?


Whether it’s through TV ads, fitness publications, the news or even the most popular weight loss reality show, we are bombarded with all sorts of “do’s and don’ts” when it comes health. The media is over-saturated with advice and opinions on what constitutes a healthy diet. The problem with this is that all of these viewpoints are coming from different sources, making it hard to know what is the right path for you and your health. In all of this noise where is the truth?

The Sweet Science

Recently, while I was assisting with the promotion of a local boxing card, a fellow fighter approached me.  He was sipping an energy drink from a well known brand and asked, “I heard that you know something about health and stuff? I need to make weight for a match this weekend. What can I do to drop it fast?” Gesturing to the can of liquid sugar he held in his hand, I jokingly said, “Stop drinking that.”  We went on to discuss why it was probably a major contributor to slowing his weight loss and the affect it could be having on his overall performance.