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Put Your Back Into It!

For most fighters and coaches, it comes natural to focus on increasing arm and upper body strength when you want to increase punching power, muscular endurance and overall ring performance.  The only problem is, in reality, that’s only one part of a bigger equation.

Fighters who are intent on enhancing their punching power and muscular recruitment should be targeting their glutes and lower back as much as they are their upper body.  These are the support muscles that help to stabilize your core, generate force, and also help you to absorb punches.

From the Core of Your Being

Throughout the ages, astronomers have shared the belief that the Earth is the center of the universe, because all other objects orbit around it.  The stars, sun, and planets all make their daily revolutions around the Earth, which obviously makes it the center of the solar system.

Similarly, the core could be considered the center of the human body.  By most definitions, the core refers to the torso, (minus the legs and arms) including the belly, the hips, shoulders, neck, mid and lower back.

Core Training – The Centerpiece of Your Workout

Russian Medicine Ball Twist

Core training has become a popular buzz word in the fitness industry over the past decade, on television and in exercise circles. It set off a rash of new fitness products ranging from balance balls to the latest and great “ab cruncher” machine that strengthens and tones your abs and core in less than ten minutes a day. Not likely, but core training is actually rooted in some basic principles of good fitness and has some real applications to boxers in particular, especially if you want to increase your punching power and overall coordination.