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What are You Fighting For?

You can place fighters in a wide variety of categories.  Aside from obvious weight divisions, they can be separated by fighting style, size, shapes or skill level.  Those are the tangibles, the more physical attributes that differentiate them from each other, but when it comes to the mentality of a fighter, most of them fall into one of only two categories.  They either fight to win or fight to not lose and, more than any physical trait, this is what separates good fighters from great ones.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The inception of the solar plexus punch was attributed to Bob Fitzsimmons, who lifted the title from Jim Corbett with a single shot to the mid-section, but fighters since those days have taken his body of work to a whole new level.   Many fighters have made “going to the body” into an art form.  Mike “The Body Snatcher” McCallum, Micky Ward (and his signature left hook to the liver) ended numerous close contests and Alexis Arguello, who masterfully mixed combinations to the body and head were amongst the standouts. It can be more dramatic to watch two fighters trading bombs, absorbing punishment and head hunting, but a steady, strong body attack will oftentimes get the job done more effectively and produce better results than every head shot in the book.  The only thing better than doing it at all, is doing it right and there are several key characteristics to being a good body puncher: