Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Jabs from Blydell – Protect the Fort

by Blydell Martin on January 25, 2012

Keep your chin down and eyes up. This will protect you from getting  hit in the soft spot which is the nose, eyes, and mouth. You want your opponent to hit you in the forehead region which is the hardest part of the head. More importantly keeping your chin tucked and hands up will protect […]

Jabs from Blydell – Stay Sharp

by Blydell Martin on December 21, 2011

Don’t get complacent and lose your edge.  Respect your opponent no matter how good you are.  It will keep you sharp and focused.   Blydell Martin is currently a boxing trainer with TITLE Boxing Club in Olathe, KS.

The Deciding Factor – How Bad Do You Want to Fight?

by Doug Ward on November 22, 2011

Looking through some old photos a while back, I came across one of Rocky Marciano when he fought Ezzard Charles the second time around, in 1954.  In the sixth round, Marciano’s left nostril was cut clean through. He ultimately went on to stop Charles in the eighth round and retained his title, but not without […]

Jabs from Blydell – The Body Bank

by Blydell Martin on October 28, 2011

Invest in body punches. They may not seem to have and effect on your opponent early in the fight,  but just keep delivering body shots and watch your opponents punches lose power, movements slow down and fatigue set in.  They will fall apart right before your eyes. Blydell Martin is currently a boxing trainer with […]

Jabs from Blydell – Attacking the Unorthodox

by Blydell Martin on October 17, 2011

The right hand lead, left hook is a great weapon against and unconventional fighter (south paw) Position your front foot to the left and outside of  your opponents front foot to avoid their power hand and make it easier to defend against their jab. Once you are at this angle you can deliver a powerful […]

Tip of the Day – Gameplan? What gameplan?

by TITLE Boxing on October 5, 2011

Gameplans are great but make sure you can handle yourself when one breaks down. Fall back on fundamentals.