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Resolve Yourself


If you happen to be one of the millions of “Resolutionaries” to make a fresh fitness goal at the start of a New Year, then you might also be taking the time, right about now, to do some soul-searching.  You either never made fitness goals, you made them and failed to reach them or you hit your marks and are motivated and fired-up going into the second half of 2013.  Let’s hope the last scenario is the case, but if not, then what?

Shape-Up Boxing Style

Not everyone wants to get punched in the nose while they’re getting in shape, but there’s no denying the positive benefits that a boxing-style workout can provide. Boxing moves work the entire body, they highly engage the core, they require muscular and cardiovascular strength and they demand constant focus.  As you undertake your own boxing routine, stick to the basics to get the most out of it.  Get the fundamentals right.  Even if you’re not going to get in the ring and trade punches, you should approach training like you are.  That’s where most of the benefit lies.   Performing real boxing moves, adhering to strict fundamentals and applying sound technique is where the science part of “the sweet science” comes into play.

Roadwork is not for Runners

Running is for marathoners, fitness enthusiasts and ironman competitors. Roadwork is for boxers.  Traditional roadwork shouldn’t necessarily be approached the same way.  Instead it should be exactly what it says, work on the road.

The goal of your roadwork routine, just like it is with every other aspect of your training, should be for it to apply specifically to boxing.   This means, among other things, that it must incorporate variety.  Like the characteristics of a boxing match it should include, bursts of action, moments of lesser activity, lateral movement, forward and backward motion and periods of heightened resistance.  Each component has its place in the ring, so it should also have its place in your roadwork training.

TBC Success Stories – Leah

TITLE Boxing Club provides many opportunities for health and wellness. For some members,  their experience inside the club can merge into their professional lives. Leah Foster, Lee’s  Summit TITLE Boxing Club member, shares how she did just that after achieving her weight loss  goals and meeting massage therapist, Arlene Williams.

I have been a member of TITLE Boxing Club for a little over a year now.  I joined with some close  friends. We were looking for a different type of workout to help kick-start our goal to have a healthier lifestyle.

Since joining TITLE Boxing Club in Lee’s Summit, I’ve eaten healthy and lost 45 pounds. This full body workout through kickboxing or boxing not only helped me lose weight, but has tightened and toned areas around my body.

After years of a variety of different diets and gyms, the workout at TITLE Boxing Club offered such intensity, I found it hard to not continue to push myself.  I never leave without feeling as though the class wasn’t enough for me. I love that you go at your own pace and make it what you put into it.

Not only has TITLE Boxing Club helped me with my personal life but has assisted in my professional life.  In the last couple months I had noticed they were offering massage therapy with Cre8u Massage. I thought what a great way to marry both health and wellness together.

At American Medical Response (AMR), we provide emergent and non-emergent medical ambulance transportation. Our focus is on our patients, our customer, and caregiver inspired. We strive to embrace these values on every call we respond to, in every community we work in.

It was the perfect opportunity for me to connect with Arlene with Cre8u Massage to help connect patient care and wellness together.  Arlene was happy to help assist at our most recent American Case Managers Association conference, just one of the outreach programs I work with every year. This new found connection with Arlene will help us both reach more people.

With the help of TITLE Boxing Club, I am enjoying a healthy lifestyle and a connection with massage therapy for an equal balance of wellness. So thank you TITLE Boxing Club and thank you Arlene with Cre8u massage! ~ Leah Foster

You can find the pair at Greenwood Elementary school this weekend, as they continue to share their experiences with TITLE Boxing Club and wellness.

Arleen offers single session and massage packages by appointment at the Lee’s Summit TITLE Boxing Club at the front desk or call 816-524-2696—makes a great holiday gift!

Leah’s success story is brought to you by the Lee’s Summit, MO TITLE Boxing Club.