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DON’T Follow the Leader

If you’ve spent much time in the gym or listened intently into the corners of many fighters, more than once you’ve probably heard a trainer tell his fighter to “cut the ring off”.  Although it sounds like easy-enough advice there are wrong and right ways to go about taking your opponent’s mobility away and effectively cutting off the ring.  With a few nuances added you can turn this generic piece of training advice into a more advanced, fully-effective offensive maneuver.

The Golden Rules of Boxing

Just like there are Cardinal Sins of Boxing, those things you should never do inside the ring, there are also the Golden Rules of Boxing.  These aren’t basic tips that reinforce good boxing form, like using your jab or keeping your hands up.  Those are techniques.  The Golden Rules of Boxing are ring philosophies.  They are approaches and attitudes.  They are the principles you should live by in the ring in order to survive and thrive.

Make it a Double

The double end bag can be a frustrating piece of equipment to use for many reasons, but there are also as many benefits, if not more, for incorporating it into your workout routine.  If it’s time to pick up the pace of your workout, then hit the switch on the timer and double your efforts on this classic piece of equipment.