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Shape-Up Boxing Style

Not everyone wants to get punched in the nose while they’re getting in shape, but there’s no denying the positive benefits that a boxing-style workout can provide. Boxing moves work the entire body, they highly engage the core, they require muscular and cardiovascular strength and they demand constant focus.  As you undertake your own boxing routine, stick to the basics to get the most out of it.  Get the fundamentals right.  Even if you’re not going to get in the ring and trade punches, you should approach training like you are.  That’s where most of the benefit lies.   Performing real boxing moves, adhering to strict fundamentals and applying sound technique is where the science part of “the sweet science” comes into play.

The Cardinal Sins of Boxing

There are some very specific things you have to do inside the ring to be a good boxer, but there are also some very specific things you should NEVER do in the ring in order to be a good boxer.  Of course, there are the basic rules, like…don’t drop your jab when you bring it back, don’t step with the wrong foot first, be sure to keep your hands up and so on.  Aside from some of these types of common, basic mistakes, there are a few more advanced ones that should be taken very seriously.  Consider them the Cardinal Sins of Boxing.

From the Core of Your Being

Throughout the ages, astronomers have shared the belief that the Earth is the center of the universe, because all other objects orbit around it.  The stars, sun, and planets all make their daily revolutions around the Earth, which obviously makes it the center of the solar system.

Similarly, the core could be considered the center of the human body.  By most definitions, the core refers to the torso, (minus the legs and arms) including the belly, the hips, shoulders, neck, mid and lower back.