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We’re Only Growing Boxers Here

Let your gear completely and thoroughly dry out after each use. Don’t stuff your gloves, wraps or shoes in a closed gym bag. Body oils, sweat, salt…all create an environment for mold and bacteria to breed. This breaks down the leather, foam and materials used in quality equipment and can reduce the life of your gear.

Doug Ward is the President and Trainer for the Underground Boxing Company.

Timing is Everything – Making a Boxing Timer Count

Although it may be the only piece of equipment in the gym that a fighter doesn’t punch in one way or another, it is still one of the most crucial tools used in preparing a boxer for what he will encounter in the ring. When incorporated into a workout, the gym timer can become an integral part of training, conditioning and sports-specific development.

Too often a timer is turned ON and turned OFF and that is about as much as most coaches use it to prepare their fighters.  When used to its fullest capacity, the gym timer can help accomplish a variety of tasks and best prepare a fighter for all sorts of conditions.

Tools of the Trade – Gearing Up for Success

The demands of boxing are very unique and specific, so it stands to reason that the equipment or tools used to perform specifically for the sport were designed with that in mind.  Just like a carpenter who uses the right kind of hammer to build a house, a golfer knows what club he needs to hit a specific drive and a boxer needs to know and use the type of equipment that best suits the needs of his activity.  There are several “tools of the trade” that are vital to a fighters’ success…his hands and his feet are two of the most crucial.