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How to Get Started in Boxing


For the past two installments, we’ve dispelled some of the myths that relate to safety and explored the philosophical question of “why boxing” at all?  Assuming you’ve made it past those first two rounds and now want to know how to actually get started, there are some basic steps you can take and moves you can make that will help you find a gym or a coach that fit YOU like a glove.

Home Sweat Home

One of the best aspects of a boxing workout is that it can happen almost anywhere.  Unlike tennis, basketball or hockey, that all require very specific playing fields or courts, boxing training can happen in many different settings.

Of course, if you are sparring, you need the right equipment to protect your hands and face, but a ring isn’t really required and you can get by with a minimal amount of bags.  So the costs of opening, starting and maintaining a gym can be fairly inexpensive.  As a result, many gyms today, officially registered USA Boxing Gyms and otherwise, are set up in homes, basements, garages and backyards across the country.  Some coaches choose to avoid the traditional gym setting, not only because of the costs of overhead and the headaches of running a full-fledged business, but as much for the convenience of having the gym as close to home as possible.  That way more time can be spent training, not packing up gear and commuting.