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The Ageless Warrior

age is only a number

Boxing history has had a handful of fighters who were able to, not only compete, but reach a high level of success into what most would consider past their prime. The “Ole Mongoose,” Archie Moore, fought late into his forties, George Foreman won the heavyweight title at age forty-five and, more recently, forty-seven year old Bernard Hopkins has gained a great deal of attention for being able to tap into a virtual fountain of youth and show some of today’s young guns, that age really is only a number.  Were these boxers genetically gifted?  Did they have a secret to success for fighting into their golden years? Were they just well-preserved because of their lifestyles outside of the ring?  The answer may be…all of the above?

Coloring Between the Lines

You’ve had it.  You’re not even going to wait to make it a New Year’s resolution, the time has arrived to overhaul and upgrade your diet. You’re not talking just in terms of weight loss and over all health, but eating for peak performance.  How you fuel your body is an integral part of every fighters training program.  You understand that a healthy diet is essential in muscle gain and recovery and you’re ready to take it to the next level.  The only question is….HOW?  That’s the part that most athletes get hung up on.  Knowing you need to eat better is obvious.  How to do that is the challenge.  It’s easy to enter the supermarket with the best intentions of buying healthy food and eating right, but if you’re like most people, you become overwhelmed by the endless isles of products, brands and colors that line the shelves. In fact, grocery stores in general are designed to lure you away from making healthy choices.  So what you really need is an easy-to-follow game plan.  Just like you have when you enter the ring, you need a well-devised strategy.  It may not be something you follow to the letter.  You will adapt it to your own style, put your own spin on it and tailor it to your specific needs, but a good strategy sets the stage for success.   Here are a few easy tricks you can implement to keep your healthy food choices simple, stress free and easy-to-follow: