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You Gotta Have Heart – Building Will along with Skill


Most logical people wouldn’t consider walking into a fitness gym for the very first time and lifting every weight in the joint or grabbing a surf board and finding the biggest wave to conquer off the beaches of Waikiki. These types of activities achieve the best, most long-lasting results when you build up to them, gaining physical ability, building confidence and expertise gradually along the way. First you learn how to feel the ocean, then you study the techniques involved in mounting your board and then you tackle your first small wave before heading on to the next challenge. There are countless hours and practice that go into catching that monster wave.  Jumping right in can be disastrous, even deadly.

Just like the art of “hanging ten”, boxing should be approached with patience and a series of methodical steps that best prepare a fighter for what he or she will face in the ring.  It’s not only about building skill. It’s also about building “heart”…a word that has come to mean determination, will or “stones.” It’s worth considering that the human heart isn’t just an intangible chamber for emotional fortitude, but it is formed of tissue and muscle so it can be built just like a bicep or abdominal muscles. It can be strengthened, toughened and developed. Heart is not just an adjective to describe the Arturo Gattis of the world, but it can be created.