Thursday, April 17, 2014

heavy bag

Taking the Routine Out of Your Routine

by Doug Ward on December 18, 2012

Boxing workouts are rooted in repetition.  By repeating a movement over and over, it becomes more natural, more instinctual and reactions start to become second nature. Creating the nuero-pathways in your brain, that let your subconscious take over so that you simply react, can be monotonous at times…even downright boring.  So why not throw an […]

How’s It Hanging?

by Doug Ward on February 2, 2012

Walk into any gym and you will see a variety of bags, hung in different ways, from varying heights, at a wide range of tension levels and anchor points.  Most are mounted or anchored without much thought about anything more than being sure they are secure.  In actuality the height at which you hang your […]

For as long as the modern day sport of boxing has existed, the heavy bag has been at the core of nearly every prizefighter’s workout routine. In the beginning, they were constructed of everything from canvas bags to gunny sacks filled with sand or grain. Although construction methods have advanced, the purpose that the heavy […]

Tools of the Trade – Gearing Up for Success

by Doug Ward on October 24, 2011

The demands of boxing are very unique and specific, so it stands to reason that the equipment or tools used to perform specifically for the sport were designed with that in mind.  Just like a carpenter who uses the right kind of hammer to build a house, a golfer knows what club he needs to […]

Tip of the Day – Get Moving!

by TITLE Boxing on September 28, 2011

Head, Hands or Feet.  One of those 3 should always be moving during sparring or bag work.


Tip of the Day – Bag Work

by TITLE Boxing on August 10, 2011

For heavy bag workouts remember. “Punch. Don’t push.”