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The Anatomy of a Boxer


Water makes up a large percentage of the human body.  When you break it down and examine each part individually, you can quickly see how important hydration is to proper athletic function and sports performance.

So let’s look at each body part and how their “water-health” correlates with what you do in the ring.

Water – It Does a Body Good

Ready for some big, eye-opening, earth-shattering workout advice for this summer season?  Be sure to drink plenty of water.  Bet you’ve never heard that before, but before you dismiss it as the same ‘ole rhetoric, consider this…If you don’t drink enough fluids, not only will you become dehydrated, but you will also experience from some significant, NEGATIVE training implications.  Drinking enough water isn’t only about quenching your thirst.  It’s also about maximizing your training efforts and your performance.

Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Some of the most crucial aspects of boxing, what fighters should be paying attention to, are also the most obvious.  When fighting is your business, you should be examining every detail that will allow you to be physically and mentally prepared and, ultimately, more profitable.  You should be constantly taking inventory to be sure you have all of the equipment you need and secure that you have your business is in order.  All of this starts at the surface…what’s most obvious to that guy who’s looking at you in the mirror when you’re shadowboxing, as well as that one in front of you on the other side of the ring.  It can be part of making a first impression, but your skin can also leave a lasting impression on your boxing career…depending on how you care for it.

Thirsty for the Truth?

With constant ads running on TV for products such as Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, etc; it’s no surprise that sports drinks are a billion dollar industry. When we see our sports heroes score that winning goal, make that slam dunk, or run it in for touchdown, and follow it with a big gulp of whatever liquid beverage they are promoting, it’s no wonder why the success of these companies is so monumental. We naturally associate Eli Manning’s mind-blowing touchdown with his TV pitch. And think that, if I drink the same thing, I can be like “that guy” or to achieve similar results.  Even if we don’t think we think it…we do think it. We unconsciously assume that these products contain what our bodies need to achieve optimum health, recovery, and physical performance, when the reality is, that this could not be farther from the truth.