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Boxing vs. MMA is a Losing Battle

Although everyone seems to love to do it, comparing boxing to MMA is like comparing badminton to volleyball, because they both use a net, or checkers to chess, because there are pieces that move around the same kind of board.  Sure there are similarities and common aspects, but we’re talking about two distinctly different disciplines.  The athletes involved in MMA and boxing possess different skill sets, they face different demands, the rules vary and the objectives of the two sports are not the same.  In spite of all of this, the mainstream media and even figureheads of the respective sports continue to pit the two arts against each other and create comparisons that, beyond the surface, don’t really exist.  Obviously there are people in the combat sports industry that just love to see a good scrap, even if it’s between two combatants that don’t really have a legitimate fight to pick with each other.