Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Ranking the Champs: Light Heavyweight (MMA)

by Brian Doerfler on April 25, 2013

Light Heavyweight was, for many years, seen as the “glamour” weight class in Mixed Martial Arts. Much like the Heavyweights in boxing, Light Heavyweights in MMA have typically been held in high esteem by fans of the sport. Many of the earliest superstars existed within the weight class making it one of the tougher ones […]

Boxing vs. MMA is a Losing Battle

by Doug Ward on July 27, 2012

Although everyone seems to love to do it, comparing boxing to MMA is like comparing badminton to volleyball, because they both use a net, or checkers to chess, because there are pieces that move around the same kind of board.  Sure there are similarities and common aspects, but we’re talking about two distinctly different disciplines. […]