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Making the Pads Work for You – Punch Mitt Techniques (Part 2)

For many coaches, the punch mitts serve as the nucleus of a well-rounded boxing routine. They use their time on the mitts to fine-tune their prodigy, revisit the basics with their beginners and get the most up-close-and-personal look they can get of their fighter.  This puts the coach right in front of his boxer where he can critique and analyze them from the same perspective that their opponent does.  In this unique role, the coach can then become the teacher, but if they’re using the mitts correctly, the pupil too.

Many coaches have their own approach to the mitts, their own goals and own philosophies about how the mitts should be used within the confines of a training routine.  If it works, then why change it? That is…if it works? If it doesn’t, then maybe this is an opportunity to review some common mistakes that can sometimes sabotage what would otherwise be the makings of a fantastic training session on the punch mitts.

If you’re the coach, don’t do all the work. Meet your fighters punch to absorb a small percentage of the impact and create resistance, but make him do the punching. If he’s not extending his elbows, turning his punches over and making some noise each time he connects, then you, as the coach, are letting him off the hook. The mitts should crack when a fighter works them properly (and slapping punches don’t count.)