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Throwing Your Weight Around


Even though some of the old-school ideals about boxers lifting weights have dissipated, there are still many modern day fighters and coaches who hold onto the belief that lifting weights slows a fighter down.  They believe that the extra size, bulk or muscle mass that can come for routinely lifting weights is unnecessary for boxing and that there are no real benefits in the type of power and strength you get from pumping iron.  The fact is, they’re right, in some cases, but it its totally dependent on how you lift weights not whether you do it or not.  When performed correctly, lifting weights doesn’t add unwanted bulk, muscle mass or size, but can actually increase punching power, speed and explosiveness.

Get Mouthy!

When boxing’s first protective gum shield (mouthpiece) was introduced in 1913 by dentist, Jack Marks, and was consequently made popular by boxer Ted “Kid” Lewis, his creation was purely intended to provide protection for the teeth and gums.  Little did he know, his simple product would ultimately be altered and engineered to improve athletic performance?  His basic design would also become a part of nearly all combat and contact sports, however, it wasn’t until recent years that companies have put the research behind this piece of gear to enhance its protective benefits and, in the process, discover that a good mouthpiece can actually make an athlete stronger and faster.  By providing a better fit and aligning the jaw more properly, your mouthpiece can actually add power to your punch and improve your ability to take a better shot.  A better chin combined with the ability to hit harder…could that be true? It could be and it is.