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Is Boxing Safe?


From the beginning, boxing has had its ardent critics. Not unlike other sports, it has also had its share of tragedy.  In all honesty, accidents happen in competitive sports.  Athletes get hurt.  This is true in all sports and boxing is not immune.  But the fact is, boxing has no more risk than other contact sports and, in some cases is safer than many non-contact sports.   That’s reality and yet somewhere just beyond the spotlight, there’s always lurks the question of safety.

Forget What You Were Taught

In order to be successful in boxing, you have to be willing to go against the grain a little, fly in the face of adversity and do some things that aren’t necessarily considered “normal.”  The thing is…most of the adversity and emotions you experience in the ring actually are normal and even practical, but over time have come to take on a different meaning.  As we’ve evolved as a society certain things have become socially unacceptable.  The amounts of hardships that have to be endured have changed and the levels of physical and mental tolerance have diminished.  That doesn’t make these challenges wrong or not worthwhile though.  It just requires a bit of reprogramming, a new way of looking at things.  It’s this different perspective that will help set your mind on a new path to boxing success.