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Taking the Routine Out of Your Routine

Boxing workouts are rooted in repetition.  By repeating a movement over and over, it becomes more natural, more instinctual and reactions start to become second nature.

Creating the nuero-pathways in your brain, that let your subconscious take over so that you simply react, can be monotonous at times…even downright boring.  So why not throw an entirely different type of boxing-focused workout into your routine once in a while to mix things up? It keeps you on your toes, forces you to think, adapt and will challenge both your mind and body in new ways.

If you agree that it’s time to shake things up a little, here is one way to do that:

Stretching the Truth

Fitness traditionalists, old school gym class teachers and every morning workout show that hit the airwaves over the past few decades have pounded it into the public’s heads that exercise should begin with stretching.  Recently however, almost every study is proving that old belief system wrong and the more cutting edge fitness programs are beginning with more sport-specific movements and warming up the muscles that will be most used during that activity.

Boxers Did it First

Although the sport of boxing hasn’t changed all that much since its inception, many of the tried and true principles and approaches to training are still the best thing going in terms of getting in shape.  Boxing fitness gyms are still widely popular because few athletic endeavors are as demanding and challenging as a traditional boxing workout.  It’s also interesting when you look at traditional boxing exercises to realize how many are still in use, in their original form, today.  What most people don’t realize is many of the new fitness trends, that have only recently gained widespread popularity, have been a part of a boxer’s workout for centuries.  Whether it’s for boxing or just getting in superb shape, these exercise tools and philosophies worked then and they still work now.