Friday, April 18, 2014

speed bag

Taking the Routine Out of Your Routine

by Doug Ward on December 18, 2012

Boxing workouts are rooted in repetition.  By repeating a movement over and over, it becomes more natural, more instinctual and reactions start to become second nature. Creating the nuero-pathways in your brain, that let your subconscious take over so that you simply react, can be monotonous at times…even downright boring.  So why not throw an […]

The Eyes Have It

by Doug Ward on December 28, 2011

To adjust your speed bag to the proper height, your eyes should be level with the fattest part of the bag. For maximum benefit, keep your hands up and in constant motion while working the bag.   Doug Ward is the President and Trainer for the Underground Boxing Company.

Speed Equals Power – The Benefits of the Speed Bag

by Doug Ward on December 6, 2011

There are few sounds that are as synonymous with boxing as the rhythmic pounding and rebounding of the speed bag.  Opening the door to any gym and hearing that striking melody immediately let’s you know that “you’re home.”  Yet, as much of a fundamental piece of equipment as it has been for more than a […]