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Taking the Routine Out of Your Routine

Boxing workouts are rooted in repetition.  By repeating a movement over and over, it becomes more natural, more instinctual and reactions start to become second nature.

Creating the nuero-pathways in your brain, that let your subconscious take over so that you simply react, can be monotonous at times…even downright boring.  So why not throw an entirely different type of boxing-focused workout into your routine once in a while to mix things up? It keeps you on your toes, forces you to think, adapt and will challenge both your mind and body in new ways.

If you agree that it’s time to shake things up a little, here is one way to do that:

Speed Equals Power – The Benefits of the Speed Bag

There are few sounds that are as synonymous with boxing as the rhythmic pounding and rebounding of the speed bag.  Opening the door to any gym and hearing that striking melody immediately let’s you know that “you’re home.”  Yet, as much of a fundamental piece of equipment as it has been for more than a century and as traditionally engrained in the workout routines of countless world champions as it is, some coaches still question the importance or value of the speed bag.

The speed bag doesn’t achieve one, singular goal.  It isn’t just about eye-hand coordination or speed.  When it is used correctly, it can provide some beneficial edges that other pieces of equipment don’t.  Although a fighter can get good enough on the bag to do it with their eyes closed, it still involves having a sense of timing.  The movement of a fighters hands, the sound of the bag rebounding off the platform and maintaining that successive movement all work together to help the fighter gain a sense of rhythm.  As Neurologist Oliver Sacks once stated, “human affinity for rhythm is fundamental.” So the speed bag, in essence, if nothing else is natural and helps create a sense of harmony in the gym.