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The Cardinal Sins of Boxing

There are some very specific things you have to do inside the ring to be a good boxer, but there are also some very specific things you should NEVER do in the ring in order to be a good boxer.  Of course, there are the basic rules, like…don’t drop your jab when you bring it back, don’t step with the wrong foot first, be sure to keep your hands up and so on.  Aside from some of these types of common, basic mistakes, there are a few more advanced ones that should be taken very seriously.  Consider them the Cardinal Sins of Boxing.

What are You Fighting For?

You can place fighters in a wide variety of categories.  Aside from obvious weight divisions, they can be separated by fighting style, size, shapes or skill level.  Those are the tangibles, the more physical attributes that differentiate them from each other, but when it comes to the mentality of a fighter, most of them fall into one of only two categories.  They either fight to win or fight to not lose and, more than any physical trait, this is what separates good fighters from great ones.

The Attributes of a Fighter

Being a fighter takes a special combination of skill and will, power and finesse and an unmatched physical and mental toughness.  Boxing requires a resolve to not only survive, but thrive in any situation you’re faced with.  From technique to tenacity, these are the most important characteristics of any great fighter.

Wait for No One


There’s nothing more frustrating than watching your favorite boxer getting outworked by a lesser opponent or urging your own fighter on in-between rounds, only to be forced to sit by and watch him falling one step behind while the minutes of each round tick away.  All the while, his adversary is letting his hands fly and piling up points.  There isn’t always one, common reason this happens to a fighter, but in some instances, he can become inactive or ineffective by getting wrapped up in the idea of landing THE PERFECT PUNCH.  In this case, that doesn’t particularly mean looking for a well-timed, one punch knockout, but just the idea of getting singularly-focused on the thought that a punch has to land in a designated spot, at an exact time or in a very specific way.  Just like in life, in the boxing ring, sometimes opportunities are presented, but more often they are created.  And not created by waiting, but by taking action.

When All Else Fails…Jab

During the 2001 championship fight between Floyd Mayweather and Diego Corrales, George Foreman, as part of HBOs broadcast team, said “If you want to be a good fighter, forget about the left jab, but if you want to be a great fighter, that’s the best punch in boxing.”   Although you could argue whether it is THE BEST punch in boxing, you can’t disagree with Big George’s sentiment about its level of importance in the ring.