Thursday, April 17, 2014


Shape-Up Boxing Style

by Doug Ward on January 15, 2013

Not everyone wants to get punched in the nose while they’re getting in shape, but there’s no denying the positive benefits that a boxing-style workout can provide. Boxing moves work the entire body, they highly engage the core, they require muscular and cardiovascular strength and they demand constant focus.  As you undertake your own boxing […]

Boxing vs. MMA is a Losing Battle

by Doug Ward on July 27, 2012

Although everyone seems to love to do it, comparing boxing to MMA is like comparing badminton to volleyball, because they both use a net, or checkers to chess, because there are pieces that move around the same kind of board.  Sure there are similarities and common aspects, but we’re talking about two distinctly different disciplines. […]

Old Habits Die Hard

by Doug Ward on June 28, 2012

Although there are certainly life lessons and traditional rules of etiquette that apply to all situations, there are a handful of seemingly good habits that can work against you in the boxing ring.  What you do in life, how you conduct yourself day-to-day, doesn’t always mesh well with what you need to practice in the […]

When you really stop and break down the techniques of boxing, it is amazing how everything works together. For every offensive move, there is a defensive answer.  For every punch, there is a counter punch.  For every type of boxer that exists he or she has a stylistically perfect match, in terms of an opponent.  […]