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Mean What you Say

It has been stated a hundred different ways;  what you confess you possess, your thoughts become actions, what you think about you bring about, but no matter what clever spin you put on it, the simple truth is your mind and mouth have a tremendous impact on what action you take.  You are most likely to do exactly what you think about most and what you say you’re going to.  It’s part science, part psychology and all up to you.

Fighting Words

Psychological warfare is as much a part of boxing and can do as much damage as any punch, unless you handle it right. Part of that warfare is verbal and there are many reasons an athlete may trash talk.  If you understand those reasons, you can then use the logic behind it to defuse the situation and not let it get under your skin.  By understanding the purpose behind it and what motivates your opponent to “talk smack”, you can then separate the emotion from the situation.  You can gain awareness that, although your adversary’s verbal attacks may be disrespectful, even personal; they may not have the intent behind them that you think.  Fighters run their mouths for a variety of reasons, but not always the ones you may think.