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Has Meat Met It’s Match?

One of the challenges that most fighters face when training is how they approach proper diet and nutrition. Most fighters are not only lacking in information on what constitutes a good diet, but also lack the level of commitment needed to stick with it. Part of that challenge comes from bad information and a constant onslaught of advertising.  The other is just indifference or an unclear understanding of just how major of a role eating habits play on your training and performance.  With the number of popular diets, latest supplements and fad weight loss gimmicks  out there today, it would be easy to spend a good amount of time “trying out” new ways of eating.  However, there are some fighters who are making nutritional  strides and being very vocal about the impact it has had on their success.  Some of today’s most successful fighters are taking traditional eating habits to task and re-inventing what fighting fit really means.

Real Men Eat Meat

Not all athletes today are well versed on the subject of diet and nutrition and how it relates to their individual training and particular sport and yet, there is no other sport where diet plays more of a crucial role than boxing. How easily you shed the pounds to make your weight-class could be the deciding factor in how you perform and, ultimately, whether you come out with a win or not. However, this article is as much about weight loss, as it is on a particular compound and how to choose the best products that contain it. The compound I’m referring to is…protein. I’ve covered protein, in general, in past articles but would like to focus more intently a particular source… Meat.