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This One’s for the Girls

Although the phrase fight like a girl has been used in a derogative way in the past, there may be some actual value to doing just that.

Just as they are the ferocious protectors of their young in the animal kingdom, Women may in some cases be as emotionally and physically wired for fighting as men are.  Like men, women too have been naturally-gifted with the fight or flight response mechanism.  When confronted or put in a potentially dangerous situation, this complex hormonal response, triggered in their bodies, secretes over thirty different stress hormones, like adrenalin and cortisol; all having a collective, widespread effect on the body. This adrenaline rush can increase your awareness, physical strength, mental acuity and speed/response time, all in order to quickly and adequately handle the perceived threat.  This chemical reaction in the human body is not gender-specific.  In fact, women – who tend to be more emotionally connected by nature – may even be quicker to sense, react and respond to her body’s natural inclination to protect itself at all costs.