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TITLE Hyper Speed Elite Boxing Shoes

Item #: TBS 6

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  • Patent leather synthetic upper with precision integrated double-weave nylon micro-mesh inset
  • Polyurethane rubber soles
  • Full length double lasted mid-sole
  • Sleek and low 7" height
  • Fully padded tongue

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Incredibly light and stunning flash patent leather synthetic upper with precision integrated double-weave nylon micro-mesh inset for a sizzling show, while helping maintain a cool, dry performance. Polyurethane rubber soles are crafted for quick and speedy footwork while providing intense pivots and traction. Full length double lasted mid-sole helps provide lower center of gravity and foot control. Sleek and low 7" height is designed for superior speed, ring performance and grip. Fully padded tongue, arch and heel supports for a high quality shoe at a fantastic cost. Comes complete with a quality drawstring mesh carry bag that is ideal for storing and transporting shoes in your gym bag so they can "breathe" and air out between uses.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: 6 - 12 months

    Pros: Breathable, light, good support. Best shoe for the cost. Also I am mixing the colors. Would like pink so I can mix it with the black or the white shoe next time. I switch every 6 to 8 months. Due to my RSD nerve pain, the light weight shoe is great and does not irritate the nerves, and is not hot..I love the lace up for adjust ability around my ankle brace.

    Cons: I just bought 2 new pair (one blue and one red), this is my second pair. You added a second loop on the tongue and it pulled off first time I pulled up the laces. More colors to mix and match...

    Comments: Thank you, this is my favorite shoe so far, just need more colors.

    (Posted on 7/30/2018)

  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: Less than a week

    Pros: I'm lost for words, these shoes might be the best ones I've had in years.

    Cons: There are no cons to buying these fantastic shoes. Oh wait, this is supposed to be cons ha, I guess there are none.


    (Posted on 5/5/2017)

  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: 6 - 12 months

    Pros: Best boxing shoes, great material, they're lightweight, I run and workout in them everyday. They're still in perfect shape.

    Cons: None at all.

    Comments: Thanks, these boxing shoes are great.

    (Posted on 2/16/2017)

  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: Less than a month

    Pros: Extremely light, good ankle support and excellent grip without compromising the ability to slip and slide. Can't beat the price and quality. Sizes run true and by the way, they look good as well.

    Cons: No complaints as of yet, but don't expect any.

    Comments: This shoe has improved my mobility as well as my punching power, allowing me to stand flat footed and throw my body into the punch with no slip. Glad I bought them. Are there better shoes out there? I'm sure there are but not at this incredible price. Excellent value. Highly recommend.

    (Posted on 8/6/2016)

  • Overall Rating

    Owned For: 1+ years

    Pros: Great for heavy weight training and mobility exercises.

    Cons: None

    Comments: First off I want to say that even though these are boxing shoes they are great for strength training as well. They are incredibly durable and comfortable. I've used these for strongman and powerlifting training and I'm no where near a small guy (5'10" @300lbs) and not only do they hold up with my bodyweight they are just to the test ever training day (whether it's yolk walking with 650lbs on my back, deadlifting, squatting, farmers walks, Atlas stones, etc.) they never fail to impress. Now I've had my first pair for a little over a year now and literally have never done anything extra to maintain them and they are to this day usable for training (I'm only getting new ones because I want the red ones this time). They will wear down and tear a very little bit (under rigorous training mind you) but work incredibly well. I just want to thank Title for making such a great product for us big guys in strength training to use.

    (Posted on 7/16/2016)