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Professional Gym Puzzle Floor Mats

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Cover your entire floor with these thick, sturdy sport mats. Made of ethylene vinyl acetate foam to offer a layer of comfortable cushion between you and the floor. Mats interlock with puzzle like edges for easy set up and take down. Easy to mix and match for a multi-colored floor or keep it just 1 color for a uniform look. Ideal for use around heavy bags and weight and gym equipment.

1600 Square feet
1100 Square feet
  • Cover area: 40' by 40'
  • Mat dimensions: 40" by 40"
  • Mats, Blue = 64
  • Mats, Red = 80
  • Cover area: 33.3' by 33.3'
  • Mat dimensions: 40" by 40"
  • Mats, Red = 72
  • Mats, Black = 28

Use this formula to figure out how many you need!
Measures: 40" X 40" X 7/8"

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