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World class trainer and fighter, Duke Roufus, and UFC vet/ Jiu Jitsu black belt Eric "Red" Schafer have been at the top level of MMA, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, instructing, and wrestling for many years. What you will learn from this video will help advance and master your MMA game . . . guaranteed. Duke Roufus and Eric "Red" Schafer will guide you through fight preparations starting with a six-week-out training camp. For every trainer, fighter and coach involved in the fight game, this video is a must have. With more than 200 fights between them, these MMA veterans have prepared for countless battles and made it second nature. Discover the mental and physical edge to gain the advantage and win fights. This video includes detailed descriptions on:

Organizing Your Fight Training
Weeks 1-2
Weeks 2-4
Weeks 5-6
Cutting Weight

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