TITLE Triple Threat Heavy Bag Attachment

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Easily attaches to any traditional size heavy bag with a bottom D-ring by simply securing the heavy-duty spring clip. Delivers several key elements to your heavy bag training. Adds counter weight to heavy bags to keep them from swinging excessively and wildly. Every punch to the heavy bag brings a varied movement and reaction, simulating a real opponent’s response. Helps develop speed, reaction time, agility and power during heavy bag training. Simply insert almost any size/weight medicine ball into the rugged nylon-weave and seatbelt nylon attachment with lock-cord closure, and attach to the bottom D-ring of the heavy bag. That’s it. You’re now ready to experience an incredible heavy bag addition that will help advance your skills to the highest level. Change medicine ball sizes and weights to elicit varied movements. Lighter weights (6-12 Lbs) for speed and reaction, medium weights (12-15 Lbs) for strength and agility, and heavy weights (15-20 Lbs) for power. Medicine Ball(s) not included.
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