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ADIDAS Hybrid 350 Elite Pro Fight Gloves

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WeightSizeHand Circum.
Up to 100 lbsYouth (Y), Small (S)6-10 oz.Up to 6″
101 - 150 lbsSmall (S), Medium (M),Regular (S/M)10-14 oz.6″ - 7½″
151 - 175 lbsMedium (M),Large (L), Large(L/XL)14-16 oz.7¼″ - 8½″
over 175 lbsLarge (L/XL), XL, XXL16 - 20 oz.8¼″ & Up″
*User should measure the circumference around their palm across the knuckles
  • Premium cowhide leather construction.
  • Multi-layered padding with Cloud MVE foam.
  • Contoured design palm offering more space, flexibility, and hand support.
  • Custom form fitting lace closure
Superior grade AAA leather lined for extra durability. Impeccable shock absorption with dispersed impact over the knuckles. Optimal coverage and protection for the boxer. Professional Ultraflex special foam with high resilience ensures superior coverage and rebound. Lightweight power foam infill ensures impact absorption and distributes force throughout. Tubular power grip provides an optimized grip and fist power with reinforced protection. Custom form fitting lace closure ensures a snug fit with extra wrist support.
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