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Lo-Bloo Groin Protector

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lo-bloo is safe, flexible, adaptable, comfortable and hygienic. The hood has vents and soft ergonomically designed edges without padding. SQRFIT SYSTEM (Patent no 1050598-0) is based on elastic adjustable waistband and leg straps that are attached directly to the cup. Leg straps are in one piece to make the cup more adaptable. Leg straps are woven out of textured polyester/lycra to prevent allergic reactions and rashes. lo-bloo is also washable.

  • The cup - Is designed for best fit without disturbing the mobility.
  • The waistband - Is attached directly to the cup, which reduces the error margin and thereby makes it better and more secure. The waistband's braces are molded in the cup.
  • Leg straps - Are attached directly to the cup which reduces the error margin and thereby makes it better and more secure. Also the leg straps are in one piece which makes it possible for the cup to run along the leg straps.
  • The edges - Are ergonomically designed, smooth and adaptable to prevent chafing and percussions. The edges are molded directly to the cup and don’t have any padding in order to avoid soft parts that easily become moist and unhygienic.
  • Vents – To make lo-bloo more comfortable and hygienic.
  • Strap lock – Is placed high on the outside of the cup in order to enable easy adjustments of the leg straps. And also to avoid having the lock inside the cup.
Size: Ones size fits most
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