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  • Dollars and Sense

    How Much Do UFC Fighters Make?

    If you polled every employee in the United States and asked them the one thing they’d like to change about their job, I’m guessing that the words “salary”, “pay” and “wage” would come up repeatedly. It’s no different for MMA fighters who frequently complain about the difficulty of making ends meet on their fight revenue. Fighters have the same bills that we non-fighters do in addition to compensating their trainers, coaches and managers. Times are tough all around.

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  • A World Without Dana


    What would the world be like without Dana White? Would fighters be better compensated? Would MMA as a sport be better received by the media and politicians? Would MMA as a sport even exist as we know it today? The world of Mixed Martial Arts would definitely be a different place if Dana White never dipped his toe into the sport, but the question is… would it be better?

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  • Calling All Officials!

    If you watch MMA long enough, you’re bound to encounter a judge’s decision that you don’t agree with. MMA judges and referees are the butt of many a joke and the target of much scorn from fans, fighters and promoters. Partially to blame is the relative youth of the sport. Also at fault is the subjective nature of the rules. Both of these problems should subside over time.

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  • The Wow Moments

    Watch MMA long enough and you are bound to experience at least one moment that leaves a lasting memory. Some moments leave you covering your face in a mixture of horror and disgust while others have you jumping out of your seat in amazement. There are far too many of these “mixed martial moments” to list in one blog article so I’ve picked 5 of my favorites.

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  • Ranking the Champs: Light Heavyweight (MMA)

    Light Heavyweight was, for many years, seen as the “glamour” weight class in Mixed Martial Arts. Much like the Heavyweights in boxing, Light Heavyweights in MMA have typically been held in high esteem by fans of the sport. Many of the earliest superstars existed within the weight class making it one of the tougher ones to grade. One thing to note, I’m only rating the champions based on their championship tenure and not on their entire body of work. In other words, Tito Ortiz’s MMA record currently stands at 16-11-1 but he only held or fought for the title in 7 fights. For the purposes of this article, only those 7 fights will be considered.

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