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  • Wet Your Whistle

    Oh yeah! The virtues of H2O. It's time to praise them again.

    Your total body weight is made up of approximately 50% water, with as much as 75% contributing to your muscle mass, so there's no denying the importance it plays for an athlete.  It's vital not only to the average human being, but especially a fighter who is constantly drawing on those reserves in order to perform at peak.

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  • Sweat it Out!

    Sauna Benefits

    Traditionally, fighters have used saunas prior to weigh-ins as a method of making weight. They use them to drop unwanted water weight to be able to hit the scales light and fight in a lower weight division.  Although this is how most fighters utilize the sauna in preparation for a fight, there are also other practical and long-term benefits.

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  • Hyped Up - The Boxing Buzz

    Today, more than ever, athletes are bombarded with products that are marketed to increase performance, endurance and overall athletic ability. The question is, how many of these products actually work? And are they safe or are they doing more harm than good? I can't tell you how many times I've seen fighters at the gym or in preparation for a fight who are downing a Monster or Red Bull, thinking it is going to improve their performance. For one, all of these drinks have an incredibly high amount of sugar that are quickly going to be metabolized as fuel only to later cause a slump in energy or a "crash." They are also highly detrimental for a fighter who is trying to make weight.  All of the additional artificial flavors and colorings are a definite no-no. However, there is one other common ingredient in most sports drinks that is somewhat controversial, but potentially does have psychological and physical effects that could hold some benefits?

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  • It Does a Body Good!

    Boxing Workout Recovery

    Most fighters, to one degree or another, have experienced times of physical overexertion. They have overworked themselves in training by pushing their body past it’s limit. On one hand, this is an essential component to, not just elite boxers, but any athlete because "pushing yourself" is what creates progress. Stepping out of your comfort zone opens doors in and out of the ring. From a purely physical perspective we can say that whenever you perform an activity that your body is not familiar with, when you repetitively use the same muscles for extended periods at high intensity or perform any sudden, jerky motions or severe contractions you are going to feel the after-effects. This usually comes in the form of muscle soreness, fatigue and joint pain which all affect your workouts and ability to perform. Unfortunately, you can only do so much to prevent this from happening. Obviously, you have to be sure you're warming up properly and are executing correct boxing technique or adhering to good form in all exercise/activity.  This alone will help lessen the chance of injury, but when it comes right down to it, if you’re not leaving the gym feeling fatigued or sore in some way... you’re doing something wrong. However, when it reaches extreme levels, something else has to be done to aid in the recovery and enhance the recuperative ability of those muscles.

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  • The Fight with Fast Food

    Healthy Fast Food Options

    In today's society, the fast food mentality that so many people posses is quickly becoming the norm. People want everything accomplished, purchased or finished yesterday and feel entitled to have everything now, now and now. This is most apparent in our food choices and if you're a fighter or just someone trying to eat healthy, this mindset is even more detrimental for you.  Think about it. If you take your training seriously, there is so much more to take into consideration when it comes to food choices. For a fighter to be successfully following a diet he has to be constantly evaluating food quality, quantity, including a variety of food groups, convenience and the time it takes to eat.

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