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TITLE Boxing Blog

From inside the gym to around the world of combat sports, the TITLE Boxing Blog keeps you up-to-date with the latest MMA and Boxing news, training tips and fighting techniques. This is the kind of info you need to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.
  1. Technique Drills for Better Head Movement

    TECHNIQUE DRILLS FOR BETTER HEAD MOVEMENT BY BRYANNA FISSORI, TITLE Board of Advisors   EVASIVE HEAD MOVEMENT PARTNER DRILL There are two general, equally important methods of avoiding oncoming punches. One is “blocking,” which entails putting your glove between you and the punch. The second is “evading.” Evasive head movement gets you out of the way of the punch without...
  2. Boxing is back on its feet and poised for a knockout in 2019!

    Boxing is back on its feet and poised for a knockout in 2019 BY JEFF ZIMMERMAN, TITLE Board of Advisors What a year it has been for boxing in 2018!  There was so much that happened both in the ring and out, that it’s hard to wrap up such a great year in a single blog. But hey, let’s give...
  3. Boxing Inspires Corporate Executive

    By Jeff Zimmerman - TITLE Board of Advisors You never know where your inspiration may come from. And as the saying goes, “timing is everything.” That could not be truer, especially for Anne Chow. Anne is extremely busy, to say the least. Anne is passionate about the people in her life: family, friends, community, and company. She is a wife...
  4. How to Hear Your Corner

    How to Hear Your Corner
    By Bryanna Fissori - Board of Advisors Boxing Corner Advice In the midst of a fight, the only person you can physically depend on is yourself. But you're likely not alone. Your cornerman, or cornermen, should be there with you in your ear every step of the way. One of the most overlooked aspects of fight training is developing the...
  5. How to Jump Rope for Boxing

    How to Jump Rope for Boxing
    By Bryanna Fissori - Board of Advisors Jump Rope Boxing Benefits Walk in to virtually any boxing gym and watch the athletes warming up. You are bound to see people, from small children to adult professionals jumping rope. There are a number of benefits to jumping rope. If the skill of jumping rope was not applicable for boxing, it probably...

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