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From inside the gym to around the world of combat sports, the TITLE Boxing Blog keeps you up-to-date with the latest MMA and Boxing news, training tips and fighting techniques. This is the kind of info you need to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.
  1. It's Habitual - Forming the Right Habits

    The Right Way To Train For Boxing Habits are formed through repetition, doing the same thing time, after time, after time. This especially applies to boxing.  How you prepare to fight and what habits you then take with you when you enter the ring are born and fed in the gym.  That’s why it’s called “training”. Habits are developed when...
  2. Thirsty for the Truth?

    With constant ads running on TV for products such as Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, etc; it’s no surprise that sports drinks are a billion dollar industry. When we see our sports heroes score that winning goal, make that slam dunk, or run it in for touchdown, and follow it with a big gulp of whatever liquid beverage they are promoting...
  3. The Traits of a Champion - Do You Have What it Takes?

    Coaches, boxing experts, writers and everyone involved in the sport can dissect fighters and fight outcomes endlessly.  Some match-ups are obvious, but those that aren’t, carry an element of surprise that can be attributed to a few overriding characteristics.  These traits are not an accurate jab, a powerful hook or even an earth-shattering right cross.  They’re not even always noticeable...
  4. The "Nature" of the Sport - Opposing Forces Work Together in the Ring

    When you really stop and break down the techniques of boxing, it is amazing how everything works together. For every offensive move, there is a defensive answer.  For every punch, there is a counter punch.  For every type of boxer that exists he or she has a stylistically perfect match, in terms of an opponent.  It’s incredible how it all...
  5. Find the Flaw

    Gemologists can tell a fake Emerald from a real one because real Emeralds have flaws...fake ones don't.  Strive for progress, not perfection. Doug Ward is the President and Trainer for the Underground Boxing Company.

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