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From inside the gym to around the world of combat sports, the TITLE Boxing Blog keeps you up-to-date with the latest MMA and Boxing news, training tips and fighting techniques. This is the kind of info you need to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.
  1. Boxing Inspires Corporate Executive

    By Jeff Zimmerman - TITLE Board of Advisors You never know where your inspiration may come from. And as the saying goes, “timing is everything.” That could not be truer, especially for Anne Chow. Anne is extremely busy, to say the least. Anne is passionate about the people in her life: family, friends, community, and company. She is a wife...
  2. How to Jump Rope for Boxing

    How to Jump Rope for Boxing
    By Bryanna Fissori - Board of Advisors Jump Rope Boxing Benefits Walk in to virtually any boxing gym and watch the athletes warming up. You are bound to see people, from small children to adult professionals jumping rope. There are a number of benefits to jumping rope. If the skill of jumping rope was not applicable for boxing, it probably...
  3. Learning to Adapt in the Ring

    Learning to Adapt in the Ring
    Changing Your Workout Routine Although there are aspects of training that are repetitious and actually require doing a movement or exercise over and over, so that it becomes second nature, it doesn't mean that some change isn't good. In fact, change is necessary and extremely beneficial in boxing. The human mind and body are highly attuned to routine and after a...
  4. Buying the Right Speed Bag

    Buying the Right Speed Bag
    What Size Speed Bag Should I Use? The type and style of speed bag you should hang depends on two factors. First, how new you are to boxing and working a speed bag and, second, what you’re wanting to accomplish. If you're just beginning, you may want to start with a larger bag. As you progress and become more skilled at...
  5. Shape-Up Boxing Style

    Boxing for Beginners Not everyone wants to get punched in the nose while they're getting in shape, but there's no denying the positive benefits that a boxing-style workout can provide. Boxing moves work the entire body, they highly engage the core, they require muscular and cardiovascular strength and they demand constant focus.  As you undertake your own boxing routine, stick...

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