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  1. How to Get Started in Boxing

    For the past two installments, we’ve dispelled some of the myths that relate to safety and explored the philosophical question of “why boxing” at all?  Assuming you’ve made it past those first two rounds and now want to know how to actually get started, there are some basic steps you can take and moves you can make that will help...
  2. Home Sweat Home

    One of the best aspects of a boxing workout is that it can happen almost anywhere.  Unlike tennis, basketball or hockey, that all require very specific playing fields or courts, boxing training can happen in many different settings. Of course, if you are sparring, you need the right equipment to protect your hands and face, but a ring isn't really...
  3. Timing is Everything - Making a Boxing Timer Count

    Timing is Everything - Making a Boxing Timer Count
    By Douglas Ward Although it may be the only piece of equipment in the gym that a fighter doesn’t punch in one way or another, it is still one of the most crucial tools used in preparing a boxer for what he will encounter in the ring. When incorporated into a workout, the gym timer can become an integral part...

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