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  1. What to look for in boxing headgear

    How To Choose Boxing Headgear WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN BOXING HEADGEAR AND HOW TO GET THE BEST FIT How do you properly fit your headgear? Although defense is an important part of training, some punches will inevitably get through. With that, you want headgear that fits properly and performs to the best of its ability to keep you protected...
  2. The Levels of Boxers

    The Levels of Boxers
    Where to get the Best Boxing Gear From Beginner to Pro, suit up in the right gear to get you where you need to go. BEGINNER: BAG GLOVES - To start off right, you need to have quality equipment that will provide adequate protection and give you some room to advance. Your gloves should be well-formed and fully padded. They...

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