Micro width target is ideal for perfecting precision punching accuracy! Helps develop pin-point precision in the offensive arsenal. Ideal for helping to improve accuracy in top and body punching. Extra-heavy-duty synthetic leather is triple reinforced for durability. Unique design helps absorb contact and avoid excessive movement. Razor slim design makes for excellent target zones and professional accuracy.

Introducing Pro Mex V2.0

Mexican style craftsmanship with long cuffs for wrist support and coverage. Selected from the finest genuine leather to ensure extended life. Layered latex “memory” foam padding offers excellent protection, feel and shock absorption. Crafted with more equally distributed weight, nylon satin water-repellent inside lining, attached thumb and articulated cuff. Convenient hooks and loop closure system for added wrist support and quick fit for every day training. Constructed in the Mexican "long and lean" tradition to alleviate bulky top heavy gloves. Special thanks to Westside Boxing and their world class fighters for demonstrating our gloves!


Constructed of specially selected hides of thick, full grain leather for the ultimate in longevity and durability. An amazing blend of new impact absorbing medium density sponge foams sandwich an extra protective sleeve of high density foam with added hi-tech polymers for incredible training gloves befitting champions. These official training gloves are designed, manufactured and crafted to offer superior punching power, incredible hand protection and an already "broken in" feel from the first day they are strapped on. Because of the superior quality foams that are used in these gloves they maintain their response and feedback from start to finish. Three-quarters length palm lace-tie security ensures a custom, secure, supportive fit that elite athletes demand in their training and sparring gloves. Complete with a full satin nylon hand compartment liner that is comfortable, durable and helps repel moisture retention, helping keep gloves weight correct.

NEW Reflex Bag | TITLE Boxing King Cobra Reflex Bag

TITLE unleashes the hottest and most technologically innovative reflex punching bag to hit the boxing and combat sports worlds in decades! Develop razor sharp punching accuracy, pin-point precision and amazing speed with this incredible training bag. Fully adjustable industrial steel tubular construction is manufactured for professional gym and home training. Automotive grade 9” high-tension steel spring delivers lightning fast action and blazing speed training for every warrior from beginner to world champion. Incredible Infused Foam filled 8” target ball offers ideal resistance and superior quality, with no bladders or air pump requirements to worry about. Easily adjusts from about 4.5’ (52”) to 7’ (85”) high for every size athlete from youth to super heavyweight. The Professional Reflex Bag is incredible for perfecting every punch in the arsenal -- jabs, power punches, hooks, uppercuts, angled punches, rapid combinations, and more – plus slipping, weaving and defensive drills. Easy to assemble and adjusts simply with a solid and secure turn knob. Advanced design allows permanent installation with four masonry floor anchors, or take advantage of the PVC nylon anchor bags that fill with sand to allow the unit to be more portable for home use. The TITLE Freestanding Pro Reflex Bag is so advanced and innovative that everyone from fitness boxers to professional champions receive incredible training and cardio benefits to cutting edge advancements that win championships. Gain the vital edge required to win by honing and perfecting punching speed, accuracy and timing!


The Spider Bag brilliantly combines all of the benefits of light bag, double end bag and defense training in one extremely versatile piece of equipment. Simply attach the four heavy-duty resistance stretch bands to the corner posts of any boxing ring or existing four poles in the gym or training area, and instantly create an ideal way to perfect punching and working off angles, slipping, ducking, bobbing, weaving, head movement and nearly every aspect of your offensive and defensive game. The line of the resistance bands enhances your footwork, both side-to-side and forward-back. Combined with the action of the air-filled center target ball, it forces you to think – and react - both offensively and defensively, honing and improving all your boxing skills to be an all-around better fighter. Genuine leather target ball is triple nylon stitched with leather welted seams for professional results. Comes complete with heavy-duty chrome O-ring attachments on each side and durable resistance bands.


Unlike other fist wraps or knuckle guards, these Knuckle Donuts have been designed to specifically target and protect each of your knuckles independently. They don’t just reduce impact with a soft foam or gel over the top of your fist, they eliminate it by creating a circular frame around any “tender” or injured knuckle. That frame and surrounding knuckles carry the burden until the sore knuckle can heal. Places the pressure on the areas AROUND the sore knuckle, taking all impact completely off the damaged joint. Sold in packages of four. Two single Knuckle Donuts and One Double to protect two injured areas at the same time.


Finally a glove made specifically for trainers to work with athletes on offensive and defensive techniques, as opposed to traditional punch mitts. Rugged synthetic leather gloves with fully padded dense foam palm for catching punches like punch mitts, and extra padded glove for working with fighters on their defense at the same time. Professional punch target in palm and wrist with durable shock absorbing foam crafted into the glove for an unbelievable training addition. More than 2" of molded sponge foam in the glove portion allows trainer to throw simulated punches and returns so athlete can work simultaneously on offense and defensive during training. Hook-and-loop wrap around wrist strap allows a firm and snug custom fit for all trainers. Why only work on offensive drills with punch mitts when you can train your boxer on offensive and defensive tactics simultaneously.

TITLE Vintage Leather Line

TITLE brings back the vintage genuine-aged top-grain leather training gloves that legends for decades have relied on for championship results and extended wear.

TITLE Weighted Vest

Build strength and muscle tone no matter the workout you're doing. The adjustable straps give you a custom fit to add into your shadowboxing, calisthenics, bag work and much, much more. The weighted vest will improve your cardiovascular endurance and enhance total body strength.

TITLE Lightning Fast Speed Bag and Swivel Set

Designed to optimize speed, the latest speed bag and swivel tech from TITLE will be the new standard for your gym.

TITLE Big Max Double End Bag

The oversized double end bag from TITLE makes it perfect for jabs, power punches, hooks, uppercuts, angled shots and...kicks and knees! Just like the double end bag you're used to but bigger for more training options.

Elevation Training Mask 3.0

Take your breathing to new heights with the Training Mask 3.0 available at TITLE Boxing. The airflow platform conditions your respiratory system and prepares you for the most intense battles come fight night.

SkullTec Knuckle Guard

The advanced gel technology in the SkullTec Knuckle Guard adds a layer of protection to the most important asset of your game...your hands. These guards disperse the shock and recover instantly to protect your knuckles from repeated impact.

TITLE WAVE Foam and Water Bag

The TITLE Wave H2O Foam & Water Heavy Bags offer the most realistic, life-like and incredible training experience in the world. Unique foam & water design allows harder punches and strikes, alleviating excess stress on the wrists, elbows, shoulders and joints. The H2O water filling helps keep the bag more stable during training, significantly reducing swinging or excess movement during workouts. Helps build stronger punches, increased power and peak stamina

TITLE Gladiator Stick

Develop the vital winning edge of slipping punches, bobbing and weaving, and getting in and out of range without getting hit, crucial to victory. An incredible training addition for every boxing and combat sports athlete. Features an extended foam base grip, mid-length foam rubber lead hand grip, and a 6” length round end foam that is specifically crafted for securely attaching a boxing glove.

TITLE Classic Power Weight Bag Glove

Now you can get all the advantages and benefits of our best-selling Classic Bag Gloves with the addition of custom add-in weights to increase speed, strength, stamina, power and aerobic capacity. Super durable, high quality engineered leather heavy bag gloves contain an infused shock-absorbing, protective molded foam for excellent impact resistance and coverage. Easily add or remove weight bars with a zippered back bottom extended wrist for adding 1, 2, 3, or 4 weights per glove. Gloves weigh approximately 14 oz. and 16 oz. each before adding weights. Eight weights are included, 4 per glove. Add increased speed, power and advanced aerobic capacity to your arsenal with these champions. Added molded foam over the back of the fist, knuckles, thumb and wrist for excellent protection and performance. Full wraparound seatbelt nylon wrist strap with D-ring assures a snug, tight, no slip custom fit for every athlete. Ideal for heavy bag, double end bag, punch mitts, shadow boxing and more . . . with or without the weights. Now get two superb glove options in one great glove!

Assembling Your TITLE Boxing Ring

Got a new ring for your gym or for your boxing event? We make it as easy as possible to put the bad boy together. Our rings come with all necessary parts and assembly takes minimal tool work on your part. Need the best in boxing rings? Shop TITLE.

TITLE Boxing's Power Balls - Demo

TITLE Boxing's Douglas Ward lays out how you can implement the Power Balls into your workouts to improve your punch speed, hand eye coordination and core strength.

Introducing the Ali Collection by TITLE Boxing

Whether you're out on the street, at home, in the gym or in the ring, you can rep The Greatest with TITLE Boxing.

Pro Fight Gloves for Pro Fighters at TITLE

Protect your hands while bringing the pop with TITLE's line of professional fight gloves.

TITLE's Zero Impact Technology

Coaches/trainers - reduce the shock and stress on your joints with TITLE's Zero Impact technology.

Fighting Sports Combat Striking Sticks

Improve your accuracy, speed, timing and defense with the Fighting Sports Combat Striking Sticks. This product is built with a perfect blend of resistance and flexibility for working offense and defense.

Fast Feet with Nico Hernandez

Olympic Medalist Nico Hernandez straps on TITLE Boxing Fast Feet to show how you can improve your balance, move quickly in and out of range, strengthen hip flexors and legs and learn to control the distance in the ring.

Fernando Vargas with new TITLE Boxing gear

Three-time World Champion, “Ferocious” Fernando Vargas fought with an elite class of fighters throughout the 90s and into 2000s. To this day he remains a fan favorite because of his accessibility and take-no-prisoners style in the ring. Vargas currently owns and operates the Feroz Fight Factory in Las Vegas, Nevada where he trains a stable of rising amateur and professional prospects.

Punch Mitts & Bag Gloves with Merqui Sosa

Three-time World Champion, “Ferocious” Fernando Vargas fought with an elite class of fighters throughout the 90s and into 2000s. To this day he remains a fan favorite because of his accessibility and take-no-prisoners style in the ring. Vargas currently owns and operates the Feroz Fight Factory in Las Vegas, Nevada where he trains a stable of rising amateur and professional prospects.

TITLE Speed Bag & Swivel at The Money Team's Gym!

Floyd Mayweather's protégé, Kevin Newman, using THE EXACT speed bag Floyd uses at The Money Team's Gym!

Punch Mitt Line-Up

TITLE's Doug Ward lays out a handful of punch mitts all trainers should be using with their fighters.

3 Reasons To Try A Punch Shield

TITLE's Doug Ward gives us three reasons why trainers should look into punch shields to give their fighters a different look in camp.

Installing The TITLE Suspension Training System

TITLE's Rudy Paredes demonstrates how you can easily install the TITLE Suspension Training System at the gym and at home.

Footwear for Fighters

TITLE's Douglas Ward outlines the three advantages a competitor can expect to have when he or she steps into the ring wearing a pair of the lightweight, durable and flexible boxing shoes from Nike.

What to Look for in Boxing Headgear

TITLE Boxing's Marketing Director Douglas Ward talks about how to properly fit boxing headgear for you and/or your fighters.

7 Factors in Designing a Boxing Glove

TITLE's Douglas Ward lays out the seven principles that go into designing a boxing glove and how the different feels/fits of various types of gloves should affect your purchase.

TITLE Genuine Leather Line

Crafted from genuine “baseball glove” micro suede tanned leather for the toughest, most durable, yet lightweight products for professional, amateur and fitness boxing athletes in the gym or home use.

Different Types of Punching Bags

Douglas Ward lays out the differences in the heavy bags we carry at TITLE. Watch to learn more and figure out which one is right for you and your gym.

How Boxing Gloves Are Made

There is great care and craftsmanship that goes into making each and every TITLE glove. From concept, to design, to actual manufacturing, the TITLE team takes a personal, hands-on approach throughout the entire process. The end result is quality you can count on and a certain confidence that comes from knowing that every glove we produce has to pass the test.

Speed Training Equipment

You can never be too fast in boxing.

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