TITLE Extra-Wide Load Body Bag

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Finally a heavy bag for big hitters. Almost 29” wide with a huge girth and size is built for heavy-handed punchers and elite athletes. Ideal for one, two or even three boxers to train at the same time. Heavy-duty, durable triple-ply synthetic leather cover is crafted for maximum results and longevity. Cross-stitched canvas backing adds strength to the shell for all punches, strikes and kicks. Includes a new seat-belt nylon 360-degree reinforced top hanging system with six double-layer nylon straps for ultimate security and longevity, without the added chain noise. Professionally packed with shredded and blended poly-micro fiber filling and packing process with some “give” to offer an incredible training experience. Center aligned weight is precision placed for maximum force dispersion and balance. Includes a bottom tie-down D-ring for securing to floor. Ideal for gym and home use.

Size: 34" long x 29" wide

140 lbs.
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