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  • Crafted with a durable synthetic cover
  • Leather with welted seams
  • Triple reinforced hanging loop
  • Extended life butyl rubber

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An unbelievable speed bag loaded with top of the line amenities. Crafted with a durable synthetic cover that performs and lasts like leather with welted seams, triple reinforced hanging loop, extended life butyl rubber inside bladder and a super convenient zippered closure. Professionally balanced for truer rebounds and rapid speed.

Sizes: 5" x 8" (XS), 6" x 9" (S)

Replacement Butyl Rubber Speed Bag Bladder available here. Always have a spare for emergencies.

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Customer Reviews

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    Owned For: 1+ years

    Pros: I've had this speed bag for 1.5 years now. I started with an Everlast speed bag (size Large) and after 4 months, many seams have come undone and air would leak out as I am hitting the bag. As much as I love speed bag training, I had to replace it with something that would last through my training over a long period of time. I took a gamble when I purchased this speed bag since there were no reviews and it was on sale. I bought the small size of the Title Classic Advanced Speed bag. Setting it up and filling it with air is a piece of cake. For regular usage (3-4 times a week), I would have to add a little air every 3 days which is normal for speed bags. While hitting the bag, there are no air leakage problems as of yet. I am very satisfied with this bag because of how often I have used it, there is almost no sign of wear/tear. There is an area on two sides of the bag that the paint is starting to wear out, but that's because of the speed bag hitting the platform when it rebounds, which is understandable. When this bag wears out (which I assume will take a while), I'll be back for another one from Title Boxing.

    Cons: I wish it was made out of genuine leather and came with a swivel, but so far the bag is excellent.

    Comments: Just a heads up: If you are starting out with learning how to hit a speed bag, buy a larger size. Once you have the rhythm, speed, and accuracy, it is time to move to a smaller speed bag. Hope this helps!

    (Posted on 9/1/2016)