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TITLE Traditional Leather Heavy Bag (Unfilled)

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  • Unfilled = cheaper shipping costs, plus you customize to your own desired weight and softness
  • Built with 100% genuine leather shell and woven-nylon backed lining that is ultra-durable and resilient
  • Recommended filling weight up to 100lbs.
  • Extra-reinforced seams with tie-down D-ring on bottom to control the movement
  • Bag measures 14" across x 42" tall

Durable Leather shell is very tough and resilient, yet economical. Extra reinforced D-rings on top are triple stitched for added durability, with reinforced backing inside and outside. Comes with tie-down D-ring on bottom. Extra reinforced seams to last a long time. Can be filled to 100 lbs. Comes with heavy-duty chain and swivel for hanging.

Size: 14" x 42"

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