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Damon Allen
Undefeated Lightweight prospect with Golden Boy Promotions
Philadelphiia, Pennsylvania
Megan Anderson
Featherweight Contender for Invicta Fighting Championships
Leduan Barthelemy
Undefeated Super Featherweight Professional
Las Vegas, Nevada
Rances Barthelemy
IBF World Lightweight Champion
Las Vegas, Nevada
Miguel Berchelt
WBC Super Featherweight World Champion (2017-Present)
Fidel Cervantes
Undefeated featherweight prospect
Steve Cunningham
IBF Cruiserweight World Champion ('07-'11)
USBA Heavyweight World Champion ('14)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Roberto Duran
World Boxing Hall of Fame (’06)
International Boxing Hall of Fame (’07)
WBA/The Ring/WBC Lightweight World Champion (‘72-’79)
WBC/The Ring Welterweight World Champion (’80)
WBA Super Welterweight World Champion (’83-’84)
WBC Middleweight World Champion (’89)
Francisco Esparza
Undefeated Featherweight prospect with Golden Boy Promotions
Las Vegas, Nevada
Shianne Gist
Up-and-coming Female Prospect
East Liverpool, Idaho
Nico Hernandez
2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist and Profesional Prospect
Wichita, Kansas
Jorge Linares
WBA World Champion
Las Vegas, Nevada
Neeco Macias
WBC Intercontinental Super Welterweight Champion
Tehachapi, California
Ricky Padman McGill
Legendary Philadelphia trainer
Seen in “Creed”
Kevin Newman
Super middleweight prospect
Jeremy Nichols
Welterweight prospect
Ray Robinson
WBO World Welterweight Champion
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Gerald Sherrell
Undefeated Middleweight Prospect
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fernando Vargas
Youngest Jr Middleweight Champion in history ('98)
Three-time World Champion in two different weight divisions
Las Vegas, Nevada
Jessie Vargas
WBA Super Lightweight Champion ('14-'15) WBO World Welterweight Champion (2016)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Fatuma Zarika
WBC World Female Super Bantamweight Champion

Located just one block from the famed “strip,” City Boxing demonstrates why Las Vegas really is “The Boxing Capital of the World.” With three full rings, a designated strength and conditioning area, more than 20 bags of varying styles and all the amenities, it has been designed to serve everyone with a desire to box. City Boxing has a wide variety of highly-ranked amateurs, recognizable professionals, and attracts a large crowd of fitness buffs who simply want to work out with the intensity that fighters do. The gym’s welcoming environment, casual feel and yet professional approach gives it its own personality. The high energy combined with the inviting atmosphere has attracted several movie producers, photographers and reality TV executives. It’s mass appeal, convenient location, and unique approach is a great example and sets a new standard for what a boxing gym can and should be.

3401 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, Las Vegas NV 89109
Front Street Gym – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Walking up the long staircase to the Front Street floor, you’re immediately surrounded by gym walls that are covered with classic fight posters, old magazine cut-outs and fighter’s photos from decades of boxing gone-by including, Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, Meldrick Taylor and nearly every Philadelphia legend you can name.

The Front Street Gym has been in its present spot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 1988 (after originally opening at a different location in the early 1960’s) and has hosted a string of successful contenders and champions, from Steve Little, to Tony “The Punching Postman” Thornton, to Jesse “The Boogeyman” Ferguson…just to name a few. Even 1984 Olympic Gold medalist and former welterweight champion, Meldrick Taylor, still goes back there to train fighters from time-to-time.

Most recently, the Front Street Gym was a prominent backdrop for the movie CREED, the 2015 Rocky sequel that starred Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone. The grungy gym and its natural charm did as much to capture the essence of the continuing Rocky story as any of the characters. There’s nothing that quite matches the authentic feel and exemplifies genuine toughness, than walking the wood floors where real champions gave their blood, sweat and tears.
Johnny Toccos – Las Vegas, Nevada
From the walls covered in classic fight posters, to the autographed photos that decorate every corner of the gym, this gym has played a significant role in boxing history and certainly the lives of many up-and-coming young fighters. It has a look that is unique and immediately identifiable to anyone in the boxing world. If it wasn’t before now, we’re certainly helping to make it that way.

Established in 1953, Johnny Tocco’s Gym has become synonymous with every world class fighter living-in or passing-through Las Vegas since that time. Anyone who was anyone trained there in preparation for their championship bouts including; Larry Holmes, Sonny Liston, Mike Tyson, Marvin Hagler and many more. Located just off the corner of Main and Charleston, Tocco’s is a great reminder of the time when the Mob was running Las Vegas and the Rat Pack owned the Strip. It is part of what makes Las Vegas the “Boxing Capital of the World.”

Legendary trainer and gym owner, Johnny Tocco first visited Las Vegas in 1953 for the Nino Valdez vs. Archie Moore fight. From that day, he never left
You don’t have to wonder twice who owns and operates the Feroz Fight Factory, because there was only one “Ferocious” Fernando Vargas. The former Olympian and three-time world champion first opened the gym in 2014, as a way to pass on all he learned in the ring, to train his own sons, and also to provide a safe place for local fighters to develop their skills…in the ring, instead of in the streets. Fernando’s reputation as a decorated amateur, a warrior as a professional boxer, and fan-friendly fighter garnered immediate attention to the gym. Because Fernando has a constant presence at the gym, on a day-to-day basis, aside from a steady stream of aspiring amateur and professional fighters, fans continually flock to the gym to meet the former world champion. The Feroz Fight Factory has become a popular Las Vegas destination for visiting fight fans and a favorite amongst the locals. When it comes to gyms and having that real boxing experience, training under the watchful eye of Fernando Vargas is as legit as it gets.
In 2018, 2x World Champion, Steve “USS” Cunningham, and his wife Livvy, officially opened the doors to the USS Fight Academy and took yet another step towards a lifelong dream for the Cunningham family. Throughout his professional career, Steve’s focus and goal has always been about giving back to the community and using what he’s learned as a fighter to pass along to the next generation of champions. Alongside his own kids who train at the gym, he and assistant trainer, Alexander Ruiz, teach boxing to a group of budding amateurs and professionals; and also host a series of health and fitness classes for those who just want to get in shape. With a wealth of knowledge, the experience of a successful amateur and professional career, and a hunger to provide an opportunity for anyone with a passion for the sport, Steve has found a place for the USS Fight Academy that is sure to make his hometown of Philly proud.
Spring Mountain B.E.S.T. Boxing Program
Although at first thought a correctional facility for male youth between the ages of 12 and 18 doesn’t seem the most likely place to feature a boxing program, it’s actually pretty ingenious. The Spring Mountain B.E.S.T. Program began in 2015, as a way to give the at-risk youth that wind up there an outlet for aggression, a reward for good behavior, and a skill they can apply to their everyday lives. At any given time, the 12-14 week long program hosts approximately 20 kids who learn the boxing basics, undergo strength and conditioning training, and are exposed to the type of intense conditioning that the sport requires. The young men who achieve the academic and behavioral standards that are set, get access to the facilities, the equipment, and even meet and greet local celebrity fighters who assist in the program; including Jessie Vargas, Shawn Porter, Zab Judah and others. Once the boxers graduate from the program, they are then given access and the option to continue their training, free-of-charge, at Las Vegas’ City Boxing; which is owned and operated by Armin Van Damme. Whether the graduates continue to box, simply train or go back to their daily lives in the general population, the success rate of the participants, the knowledge they’ve gained, and discipline they’ve learned is undeniable. The B.E.S.T. program has a proven track record and is another example of how boxing can help build champions, not just in the ring, but in life.

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