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  • Exclusive Foam Channel Technology®
  • Select densities of shock absorbing and impact resistant foams
  • Genuine full grain leather
  • Padded wraparound wrist strap with full palm
  • Moisture wicking

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Exclusive Foam Channel Technology® was developed to allow for the maximum amount of air to continually flow through the gloves as they are striking and absorbing impact. Consisting of a series of five layers of specially selected open and closed-cell foam layers that encompass a channel of small air pockets or passages that are integrated into the inner layers of foam. The select densities of shock absorbing and impact resistant foams, and airflow channels work in symmetry to disperse impact and absorb punishment. Features genuine full grain leather, the highest quality and craftsmanship throughout, angled, padded wraparound wrist strap with full palm padding for blocking and catching punches, and an added nylon mesh palm inset that allows for hot air release during training and sparring. Moisture wicking inside hand liner helps to keep athlete cooler and drier during workouts. Discover the Foam Channel Technology® Advantage Today!

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